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The North Magazine - West Booneville Transmission Improvements Project involves rebuilding a 14-mile long, 161-kilovolt transmission line. The line is nearly 50 years old and is past its planned service life.

The project:

  • Replaces deteriorating wooden poles with modern steel poles
  • Strengthens the system against severe weather, and decreases the likelihood and duration of wide, community-sustained outages

Project Updates

Fall 2023: Volkert, Inc., serves as SWEPCO’s right-of-way representative on this project. Right-of-way agents have been talking to affected landowners along the power line route to discuss field activities, necessary easements and construction access.

SWEPCO representatives expect pre-construction activities to begin later this fall. These activities include vegetation management, which involves trimming or removing woody-stemmed vegetation that's grown within SWEPCO's right-of-way.

In early 2024, other pre-construction activities may include installing temporary gates, fencing and access roads, and installing culverts for water management. SWEPCO representatives expect transmission line construction to start in early 2024 and conclude by early 2025.


Project Timeline



Crews plan to install single-pole steel structures.

Typical Structure Height: 95 FEET
Typical Structure Width: 500 FEET*
Typical Distance Between Structures: 100 FEET

*Exact structure type and height requirements may vary


Project Fact Sheet Access Roads Field Activities

Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO) serves 535,000 customers in western Arkansas, northwest and central Louisiana, northeast Texas and the Texas Panhandle.

Matt Hames

Project Outreach Specialist

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