SenecavilleImprovements Project

AEP Ohio representatives plan power grid upgrades in Guernsey and Noble counties. The project involves building just over 2 miles of 69-kilovolt transmission line and installing switch equipment to isolate the power grid. The project improves power grid functionality and operation by providing another source of power to the area.

A stronger transmission grid benefits the local distribution companies and electric cooperatives who receive power from the transmission lines. Guernsey-Muskingum Electric Cooperative customers reported frequent power outages the last three years. The area currently receives power from a single source. If a power outage occurs, it lasts until crews finish repairs. The proposed power line creates a second source of electricity and provides the ability to change how power flows through the grid, which speeds recovery of service if an outage occurs.

Project Updates

Late 2023: Company representatives determined the adjusted proposed line route following a thorough evaluation of study segments in the area, field work and additional landowner feedback. Landowners along the route can expect to hear from Cornerstone Energy Inc., the right-of-way agency representing AEP Ohio on this project.


Project Map (PDF)


Project Timeline



The project involves the use of a H-frame design.

Structure Height Range: Approximately 70-75 feet*
Right-of-Way Width: Approximately 80 feet*

*Previously communicated structure type and right-of-way width have been updated based on engineering review.


AEP Right-of-Way Process Project Fact Sheet Access Roads Field Activities

AEP Ohio provides electricity to nearly 1.5 million customers.

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