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AEP Transmission

American Electric Power (AEP) is an industry leader in building, operating and maintaining one of the strongest electric grids in the United States. With many firsts in its nearly 100 years of electric transmission history, the company is renowned as an innovator and known for treating people and the environment with respect while building essential infrastructure that powers customers’ homes and businesses.

BOLD Transmission

Learn more about BOLD, the newest structure design patented by AEP.

New Projects

Growing demands for energy, as well as changes in the electric grid, require investment in and expansion of AEP transmission system. These upgrades keep reliable, affordable electricity accessible to customers who rely upon it every hour of every day.

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About Transmission Lines

Three kinds of power lines exist between AEP's customers' homes and businesses and the company´s power plants.

  • Extra high voltage (EHV) transmission lines
  • High voltage transmission lines
  • Distribution lines

To use an analogy, EHV lines are like electrical interstates, high voltage lines are like limited-access four lane roads, and distribution lines are like two-lane roads that eventually connect to your driveway.