Guernsey-Harrison Power Improvements

    The Guernsey-Harrison Power Improvements upgrades about 24 miles of 69-kilovolt transmission line in Cambridge, Center, Wills, Madison and Londonderry townships in Guernsey County and Freeport Township in Harrison County. The project is needed to update the transmission line to improve electric reliability for area customers by decreasing outages. The project includes rebuilding about 19 miles of the existing line in the current right-of-way. The remaining 5 miles will require construction in new areas to accommodate a line reroute and require acquiring new easements. We are asking for input on the proposed study segments so we can determine a route for the new section of line.

    The line will use primarily steel single pole structures that will be about 80-feet tall. AEP Ohio anticipates completion of this project in late 2020. Early estimates show this is an approximate $25 million investment.

    Project Updates

    • AEP Ohio announced the Guernsey-Harrison Power Improvements in September of 2017.
    • AEP Ohio hosted an open house to introduce proposed study segments and answer questions related to the project in September of 2017.
    • AEP Ohio hosted an open house to present project updates and additional proposed study segments in November of 2018.
    • AEP Ohio proposed a route for a new 5-mile 69-kV transmission line in Guernsey County.

    Fact Sheet



    Proposed structures will vary depending on location. The project will use several structure types, including steel H-frame and single poles that will be between 70-85 feet tall. The structures will be placed in the center of an approximate 100-foot wide right-of-way corridor.

    *Exact structure, height and right-of-way may vary

    * The accompanying map depicts the project area. It should be noted that the map contained on this site is for information purposes only. AEP reserves the right to alter, change, or amend the map at any time without notice and AEP provides no warranty about the accuracy of content. Keep this in mind when reviewing this map. However, AEP will make all attempts to keep this map as accurate as possible. If you have any questions about the accuracy of the current map please Contact Us.