Biers Run - Circleville Transmission Line Project

    The Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) approved AEP Ohio’s application to construct its Biers Run-Circleville 138-kV Transmission Line Project.

    The Biers Run-Circleville transmission line will be approximately 19 miles long and will traverse Deerfield and Union townships in Ross County, and Circleville and Wayne townships in Pickaway County. The transmission line will connect the Biers Run Substation to the Circleville Substation. The Biers Run-Circleville transmission line will accommodate development in the area, increase electric service reliability and bolster the transmission system due to electric generation retirements. 

     More information about the OPSB process and an electronic version of the siting application can be found at www.opsb.ohio.gov. Search under case number 13-0430-EL-BTX.

    Project Update

    The OPSB granted a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need to construct the Biers Run-Circleville 138-kV transmission line on March 9, 2015. Construction is underway on the approximate 19-mile line. Transmission poles and equipment are being installed.

    Project Releases

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