Powering Up Central: City of Fort Wayne

    Powering Up Shreveport – Bossier City

    Indiana Michigan Power Company (I&M) is committed to providing the electricity that customers need. To that end, the company is upgrading the ageing electric backbone of the region with a $500 million reliability transmission program called “Powering Up Northeast Indiana.” One of the program’s five major electric transmission improvement projects is Powering Up Central: City of Fort Wayne.

    Powering Up Central improvements are centered on the City of Fort Wayne. Project details include replacing an existing double-circuit 34.5-kV transmission line between Spy Run and Robison Park substations with a new double-circuit 138-kV transmission line. The line is being constructed in approximately 6.4 miles of existing right-of-way but may require updating or supplementing easements. Improvements will update the existing transmission system that has been in place since the 1940s and must be updated in order to meet the region's growing demands for electricity.

    Project Update

    SPRING 2017: Construction is under way for the transmission line. At times, road and/or trail closures may be required to maintain safety clearances during construction. I&M will work with the city of Fort Wayne to coordinate closures accordingly.

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    Fall 2014 – Winter 2015: Line siting activities, including an open house and public input
    Fall 2014: Initiation of transmission line right-of-way process
    Fall 2015: Clearing and line construction between Spy Run and Robison Park substations begins
    Summer 2016: Transmission line construction begins
    Summer 2017: Transmission line construction complete between the Spy Run and Robison Park substations
    Summer 2018: Associated substation work complete
    Fall 2018: Restoration complete


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